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A $200 fee* is due at the time of the consultation. You'll be reimbursed by the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) once your lawn to garden conversion project is successfully completed.


More info here.


If you have a "Letter to Proceed" from the CCWD, contact me via email to set up a time.


Consultations are on Saturdays at 10 am and all cities in the CCWD are catered to.


*The regular (Non-CCWD) price for a two-hour consultation is $250 for either a front or back yard.

Concept Plan

This is an example of the concept plan generated on the day of the consultation.


The lawn before the conversion.


Netafim installation

Just Planted

The new garden was installed based off the plan generated during the consultation.

12 Months Later

One year after installation and the garden is thriving.

This innovative program offers you a 2-hour consultation.
During this time we’ll discuss your ideas and requirements. I'll then draw up an easy to follow plan detailing the layout of plants and materials.

The plan is simple to read and implement either by the homeowner or a contractor.

Single Residential Only. No HOA's.
Front Yards Only.
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