Leucospermum 'Blanche Ito'

Leucospermum  'Blanche Ito' or Blanche Ito Pincushion

One of many exciting new Leucospermums coming to us from the breeding program of the Maui Agricultural Research Center, at the University of Hawaii in Kula, Hawaii. Part of the parentage belongs to Leucospermum reflex which is what we look for hardiness and big flowers. The rich orange/gold flowers begin to form in late winter and hitting their peak in April/May.

Full sun, good drainage, and air movement are vital to a healthy and happy plant. Tip prune your plants for the first few seasons to create a fuller plant (more flowers). The best way to prune the plant is to think like a cut flower grower and prune away the finished flower with a nice long stem. If left unpruned, this can become a weird and awkward shrub with fewer flowers. When maintained properly you can expect a mature size of 4-6' high and wide. Hardy to at least 26f.

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