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Southwest Style | Walnut Creek CA

Drought tolerant succulents and grasses irrigated with (hidden) inline emitters and driven by a new Smart Controller.

Mid Century Makeover | Walnut Creek CA

Texture and bold design were key to complimenting this Eichler home.

Drought tolerant plants and a smart irrigation system - check!

Deer Garden | Walnut Creek CA

Deer are frequent visitors to this yard. In the past they snacked on roses.

Now they pass by. Succulents and plants with scent and texture are key.

Succulent Hillside | Walnut Creek CA

A winding path creates a more navigable route to the bottom of the hill.

Interesting plantings slow the journey down.

Postage Stamp Garden | Martinez CA

Small gardens can create a big impact. Boulders and Bancroft Bedding Blend were used to create topographical interest.

Courtyard | Pleasant Hill CA

Courtyards generate a lot of reflected heat from multiple sources. This often creates a perfect microclimate for succulents, particularly during the winter.

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